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Pope again warns against homosexual influence in clergy (CNA)

Pope Francis repeated his controversial warning against homosexual influence in the clergy during a meeting with priests of the Rome diocese on June 11.

According to several media reports, the Pope again used a derogatory term to describe homosexual behavior. The Vatican did not publish a transcript of the Pope’s remarks to the priests. The Vatican press office said that he spoke of the admission of seminary candidates “with homosexual tendencies,” and said they should be welcomed. However, according to the ANSA news service, the Pope qualified that remark by saying that seminarians should not show any tendency toward “fa•••try.”

Last week the Vatican press office issued a very rare apology for a similar remark that the Pontiff had made, saying that he “never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he extends his apologies to those who felt offended by the use of a term, reported by others.”