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Five new cardinals elevated at consistory

Pope Francis elevated five prelates to the College of Cardinals at a consistory on Wednesday afternoon, June 28.

Turkish government seizes Syriac Orthodox properties

The government of Turkey has seized more than 50 properties from the Syriac Orthodox Church in the country’s Mardin province.

Mexican priest recovering after cathedral stabbing

A Mexican priest who was stabbed by an assailant after celebrating Mass at the Mexico City cathedral on May 15 has been moved out of a hospital intensive-care unit.

China rejects Vatican ‘interference’ on imprisoned bishop

The Chinese government has brushed aside a Vatican expression of “grave concern” over the abduction of Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou.

Aid to developing nations should support refugees, local poor, says Vatican envoy

A Vatican representative has suggested that when impoverished nations host refugees, aid to those nations should support both the refugees and the local victims of poverty.

111 assisted suicides in California in first six months under new law

During the first six months since assisted suicide became legal in the state of California, 111 people ended their own lives using drugs prescribed by their doctors.

Unions should be prophetic voice for a new social compact, Pope says

Pope Francis said that trade unions should fulfill a prophetic role in society, in a June 28 meeting with members of the Confederation of Trade Unions in Italy.

Italian paper reveals US embassy assessments of Pope Francis

The Italian daily La Stampa has published excerpts of memos from the US embassy at the Vatican to the Obama administration, offering insights on the policies and personality of Pope Francis.

Christians should always expect opposition, Pope tells audience

Pope Francis told his public audience on June 28 that “the proclamation of the Kingdom of God always involves opposition,” and “the confession of faith always takes place in a climate of hostility.”

British Medical Association endorses decriminalization of abortion

Brushing aside a protest from pro-life members, the British Medical Association (BMA) has voted to approve a motion calling for the decriminalization of abortion.